Mobile Food Vans – The Mutter Krause Story

Mutter Krause is here – come try our Hot Red BBQ on Wheels!!

We are providing a new, innovative Food-Truck concept which delivers you the best quality German Sausages to a place near you. We want to create the same experience, which you will find in Germany and most European countries at every corner. We provide authentic and true German Streetfood. Some really good Bratwurst, Currywurst or Kransky, fresh prepared and with taste and smells to die for. They should taste like your mum prepared them. And that is what “Mutter Krause “ (which stands for mother Krause) is all about. Some fantastic tasting, simple but refined authentic sausages. Fresh, yummy, healthy, low fat, glutenfree and with no added preservatives, MSG or other problematic add-ons. We give you a choice of add-on’s with caramelised onions, Sauerkraut, some fresh salad, various sauces and naturally authentic German Mustard.

We have a love for some good snags and have built trucks which are perfect for preparing these sausages fresh for you, whenever you need us and wherever we are. They are the “real deal” and you can´t get better German sausages in town. The rolls are of the highest quality as well and compliment the sausages perfectly. You will not find a better, bigger or tastier combination anywhere in town. Just look out for our Hot Red BBQ Trucks on wheels and come and try us.

We have by now build up a reputation of the best German Sausage provider in town. Our reputation is exceeding our home town Melbourne and we have now also opened a branch in Western Australia and soon also in other parts of the country.

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